Prof. Dr.- Ing. Bernd Tibken

Dr.-Ing. Marc Gennat

Ehemaliger Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter bis 2008

Rainer-Gruenter.Str. 21
D - 42097 Wuppertal


  • B. Tibken and M. Gennat; Simulation of nonlinear systems with uncertain parameters using linear Lyapunov like functions, accepted for publication at WORKSHOP ON MULTIMEDIA COMMTJNICATION AND SERVICES, MCS'04, Krakow, pp. 83-87, 5-6 May 2004.
  • Tibken and M. Gennat; Simulation of Uncertain Systems with Guaranteed Bounds, 11th GAMMIMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic and Validated Numerics (SCAN 2004), Fukuako, Japan, 04-08. October 2004.
  • B. Tibken, M. Gennat, A Novel Method of Nonlinear System-Simulation with Uncertain Parameters Providing Guaranteed Bounds, American Control Conference, , published in the Proceedings of the CD, 08-10 June 2005.
  • H. Aschemann, A. Rauh, M. Kletting, E.P. Hofer, M. Gennat, B. Tibken, Interval Analysis and Nonlinear Control of Wastewater Plants with Parameter Uncertainty, 16th IFAC World Congress, Prag, Tschechien, published in the Proceedings of the CD We-E19-T0/5, 04-08 July 2005.
  • Gennat, M.; Tibken, B.: Sensitivity Analysis Using Interval Arithmetic, the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Application, ICTTA'08, 7-11 April 2008, Umayyad Palace, Damascus – Syria.

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